Coordinators 2016

  • Dr. Gerardo Barajas-Garrido, President.


Gerardo Barajas-Garrido holds a BA in English Literature (Carleton University, UNAM), and a MA in English Literature (Carleton University). He also completed a MA and a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature (University of Ottawa). In his doctoral thesis, nominated for best thesis of the year, he proposes a new genology – the theory of literary and artistic genres – for fantasy and fantastic literature, as well as their subgenres, such as marvel-fiction and science-fiction. He has researched fantasy and the fantastic literature for the past ten years.

  • Dr. Felipe Quetzalcoatl Quintanilla, Vice President


The University of Western Ontario ’12 PhD Hispanic Studies.

Born in Mexico City (to a Mexican mother and a Salvadoran father) and emigrated to Canada at the age of ten. After dabbling about in a seminary, med-school and the Canadian Army, F.Q. Quintanilla ultimately gave himself to the study of film and literature. His doctoral thesis entitled “The Reel Latina/o Soldier in American Cinema” carries out archaeological research around the representation of the Latina/o soldier in American war film since 1943 to the present. His interests expand into contemporary Mexican cinema, Latino Canadian fiction and Spanish-English translation. His creative works have been included in a number of print anthologies as well as in various online publications. In 2011, he was awarded third place in the context of the national short story competition Nuestra Palabra (Toronto, Ont) and first place, in 2012, by the Alba Volante Anti-Poetry commission (Ottawa, Ont). He has also participated in the development of various theatrical productions and two short films; the latter produced in workshop with filmmaker Fernando Solanas. Contact: prof.quetzalcoatl[at]

  • MBA Lizethe Guzman, Image and Marketing.

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Born in Mexico City and currently residing in Canada, Lizethe Rodriguez holds a Masters in Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico as well as two undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Statistical Sciences and in Computer Engineering obtained from the same University. She has worked in strategic management, marketing, and client relations throughout her professional career for international companies specialized in marketing consultation. During that time she noticed the importance of integrating social values into strategies. She therefore launched her own business specialized in social marketing. As an independent marketing consultant offering professional knowledge and expertise to private businesses, governmental agencies, community-based organizations, NGOs and private marketing companies, her goal is to provide advice and assistance to organizations on social marketing issues, such as: health promotion, environmental protection and community involvement.

Contact: Lizethe.rodriguezz[at]

  • Dr. Francisco Ucan-Marin, Public Relations.


Francisco Ucan-Marin is a biologist, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology from Carleton University, Canada. Recently, he has been collaborating as a promoter and organizer of diverse forums and conferences on Science and Technology; actively participating in the S&T knowledge-transfer between Mexico and Canada. Dr. Ucan-Marin is a professional Ecotoxicologist, but very experienced in aquaculture, aquaponics, biotechnology and agribusiness. The main objective of his communitarian and voluntary work is advising, promoting and investing in rural areas of Mexico, using environmental responsible practices and the conservation of land and water. At this moment, he is a Senior Scientist for the Department of the Environment (Canada), and is also the President of Aquaponika Ltd, a small environmental consulting firm based in Ottawa that gives services to private and public sectors.

Contact: francisco.ucanmarin[arroba]