Bi-monthly Seminar Series


CEIMEXCAN and UNAM-ESECA Bi-monthly seminar series

Would you like to present your research work at the premises of the UNAM-ESECA in Ottawa-Gatineau?

Download the call for participation (.PDF)

Past seminars!

This call for participation is open, there is no set deadline. The seminars take place on even months.

1. Eligibility: Mexican graduate students and researchers in Canada, or of any nationality if they are working in a Canadian institution on a topic related to Mexico.
2. All fields of knowledge will be accepted.
3. The seminar should last 30 minutes (minimum) and be in Spanish or English. There will be 30 additional minutes for questions, comments and interaction with the audience. Entrance to the talk will be open to the general public.
4. The seminars will take place at the premises of the UNAM-ESECA (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Escuela de Extensión en Canadá, 55 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 4B7).
5. Transportation and accommodation expenses, if necessary, will ultimately be the responsibility of the presenter. CEIMEXCAN and UNAM-ESECA will always support in writing any applications submitted to other organizations/institutions for funding.
6. A final version of the seminar’s summary of around 250 words must be submitted one month in advance for it to be used to prepare and advertise the seminar.
7. If the participant is a member of the Network of Mexican Talents Abroad, the following rules apply: It is not necessary to be a student or researcher, but the seminar must cover topics about the Mexico-Canada relationship, present or future, in any area of work. We will accept seminars about current debate topics concerning comparative situations or about technology/knowledge transfer between Mexico and Canada.
8. We will aim to submit a manuscript of the talk to the magazine Ciencia y Desarrollo published by CONACyT if the author agrees and if there are no copyright issues or conflicts of interest with other institutions.
9. A letter of participation signed by the event organizing authorities will be given to the participant.
10. Any unforeseen circumstances must be notified to the organizing committee immediately.

If you are interested in participating, we invite you to send the following information to info[at]ceimexcan.org for the organizing committee’s consideration
1. Name
2. Institution where you study or work
3. Contact information
4. Field of knowledge of your work
5. Suggested title for your seminar
6. Summary of around 250 words
7. Any other information you consider necessary

With regards,
The steering committee of CEIMEXCAN and the director’s office of UNAM-ESECA

Confederation of Mexican Graduate Students and Researchers in Canada, http://www.ceimexcan.org
National Autonomous University of Mexico – Extension School in Canada, http://www.unameseca.com